New to the Community

Welcome! We are so glad you chose to call Wyndham home. We strive to create a community, not just a neighborhood.

 Here are a few things you may find helpful:

Join our Facebook Community Group and Google Group. This is a great way to stay connected with your neighbors.


Electricity - Duke Energy

Gas - PSNC Energy

Water - City of Raleigh 


Lead Mine Elementary

West Millbrook Magnet Middle

Millbrook High

Solid Waste Collection

We are on Service Week B, click here for more information

Trash Collection - Every Tuesday

Recycling and Yard Waste Collection - Every Other Tuesday

Public Safety

Police Station - North District

Fire Station - Engine 4, Ladder 1

Standard Mailbox Conversion

The Wyndham HOA offers a mailbox conversion program to all new residents. If your property does not currently have the standard mailbox, the Wyndham HOA will pay for 50% of the cost of the new mailbox system.


How does it work? You will need to reach out to Post & Pickets (919-772-7170) or order online (the best price we've found is at Choose C1 post, #6 floral base, #4 Number plate and the #1 finial - all in black. Submit your receipt to and we will reimburse you for half of the cost of the mailbox system (post, base, number plate, and finial only). Some providers include the numbers and some do not, but these can be purchased at any home improvement store.

We are located in a Water Shed area, you can find more information about that here.

Be sure to check out our page of Recommend Services if you are in need of a referral for services on your new home.